PSSST... YOU ARE Divinity in human form.. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and assist humanity through your love and light...
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You must enter in your phone number after selecting the box. The join link is sent out shortly before each live gathering. 
As the great master of light says, "Where two or more are gathered the great I AM presence is magnified" 
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Sanctuary of Your Higher Self 
This miracle is ready to come in and assist you RIGHT NOW!

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To be in divine service to humanity during this spiritual revolution I am honoring myself to go Live when I begin to feel the presence of my Higher Self's Holy Spirit.  I go live when It is asking me to gather for the souls ready to receive and seed miracles in their life IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. That is when a text will be sent out. I am often inspired 24-48 hours ahead of time. Or maybe just an hour. You will find they happen at perfect times for you! 
Through our intentional embodiment of compassion, forgiveness, and  unconditional love, we assist the systems which are infected with deceit, control, and corruption to return to dust and make space for the New Earth. We clearly see the viral programing for what it is and allow miracles into our own lives that miraculously dissolve all obstacles in our way beyond logic and reason. We summon a Divine Power connected to the eternal source of love and truth. Release all attachments to suffering and surrender fully to your Higher Self. It is able to access divine solutions and allows you to surrender to the miracles available to you!
Through your sincere asking for a deeper connection, you tap into the fire of YOUR Holy Spirit, and start answering the calling to create a heaven on earth reality. Create a force field of light and love to awaken within you. You  DOWNLOAD LIGHT CODES OF SPIRITUAL DNA to assist you in upgrading to your highest potential EFFORTLESSLY! All those suffering from the insanity of fear, separation, and hatred will be blessed by your presence after these communions as you radiate out the love that pours through you. Humanity is on its hands and knees praying for help; you can be a part of the this answered prayer!  

Through gathering with other souls walking the inner path of ascension, we rise as The One Body of Christ 
( beyond religious context and dogma) in a Quantum Sanctuary of Intentional Creation that also assists humanity in reconciling with the truth of its own Sovereign Divinity.
You need not wait to experience the New Earth and all the joy, peace, and prosperity that is here NOW. Come gather with others embodying this truth from around the world and live a life of bliss RIGHT NOW! You can command miracles RIGHT NOW! The Earth is eagerly waiting to be your cosmic playground of heavenly reality regardless of all external circumstances.


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You must enter in your phone number after selecting the box. The join link is sent out shortly before each live gathering. 

The secret to commanding miracles in your own life is to create MAGNETIC FIELDS around you and IN YOU... THIS IS WHAT OUR HIGHER SELVES CO-CREATE and experience in these communions!!! 

When done collectively the magnetic field is magnified. 

If you are not utilizing the power of your own Holy Spirit, beyond all religious context, to raise your frequency and increase your personal magnetic field..... you are doing life the HARD WAY.  

If you are ready to surrender and allow grace to step in and assist you into a new type of co-creation in every area of your life.... THIS GATHERING IS FOR YOU! 

WHY working in a community is powerful for your highest good, which is for the highest good of the collective. IT IS AMAZING TO KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! 

When we gather consciously, we open the gateway portal and our Selves to receive Divine wisdom to co-create in the best possible way. We connect intensively with our Higher Selves, that offers quantum nourishment to our visions by answering prayers with direct downloads from The Source of All that is. All names of God are welcome. The source we access is beyond being confined to a name. This is THE SUPREME BEING YOU CAN RESOURCE DIRECTLY FROM TO POUR MIRACLES THROUGH YOUR BODY! LITERALLY! Doing this in groups magnifies the atomic light of love that is created from open hearts. YOU WILL FEEL THIS! 

Haven't you been asking for a miracle? 

Haven't you been asking how you can help the global tyranny return to Sovereignty for the highest good of all??? 
Can you allow yourself the gift of time in inner communion to focus your attention upon the Holy One who sits within that can nourish you beyond your human understanding and guide you to miracle after miracle..?  Miracles are your divine inheritance!

** Your Higher Self Led You Here! It is time to allow yourself to receive direct communion with the Holy Spirit of Your Higher Self  **


You must select the box to get on the LIST.

You must enter in your phone number after selecting the box. The join link is sent out shortly before each live gathering. 

we get to create any new system we want! what a miracle!!! what a blessing the old systems are falling away to give way to  systems in alignment with SOVEREIGNTY. 

Smash through the deceit and manipulation currently plaguing our:

Call upon your divine birthright of being divinity in human form 
and be of service to humanity and use the power of your feeling and vision with your family of light that does create new systems for our future generation.  

Meet Your Guide:

Casey christine presents 

Casey has been inspiring global communities for decades. She brings a wealth of experience and energy to every interaction. Casey is steadfast in her mission of helping all reconcile with the truth of being fully human and fully divine returning to their own Sovereign Divinity within the Sacred Sovereign Temple of their own flesh and blood. Casey is passionate about bringing courageous souls together to command miracles during the Spiritual Revolution that is now upon us. Casey is a miracle worker and invites everyone to remember they are too! She shares the good news of The Sophia Code® with everyone she meets to assist everyone in activating their light body technology. 

Every gathering is unique and inspired by Divine intervention. 

"We are at a tipping point in humanity and are ready to heal and balance both the Divine Feminine "Christ" and the Divine Masculine "Christ" within ourselves . "

The world is healed, when nations are healed. Nations are healed when communities are healed. Communities are healed when people are healed. As you do these communions, please know the ripple affect is healing the world.
~ Casey 


You must select the box to get on the LIST.

You must enter in your phone number after selecting the box. The join link is sent out shortly before each live gathering. I will never share you info and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Grace and Ease are HERE!!!

Miracles are ready and willing to come in!

GIFT YOURSELF TIME TO GO WITHIN... It has the treasure of your soul that is worth more than all the fame and fortune in the world.. yet most of humanity is addicted to the hellish external world. They never get to bask in the abundance and peace that is already theirs found in their inner world! 


So if your outer world doesn't feel blissful and joyful... ADJUST THE INNER WORLD.. IT IS THE SECRET...


Sovereign Temple's Lightworker Challenge
February 2, 2022 
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